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Our Services

Local Placement

Our local placement division of SADIA HR CONSULTANCY is providing comprehensive services in the areas of IT staff and job placement for leading technology companies in U.A.E. Besides IT, Telecom and Engineering we also provide placement services in other domain.

SADIA HR CONSULTANCY Studies the client’s requirements and discusses the details with the representative to obtain a complete understanding of the needs. If clients desire, our executive may even visit them for a formal discussion. We work closely to understand what their actual requirements are. Then request the client to submit supporting documents i.e. Agency agreement, Letter of Intent, Employment services agreement. Etc.

Operation Method

International Recruitment

The International recruitment division is a multi-disciplinary division of SADIA HR CONSULTANCY which is a leading HR professional management organization in the U.A.E.  We have been providing manpower solutions to clients in the Gulf, Middle East, and Far Eastern countries for over two decades. 

Evaluation of Personnel

Our evaluation and monitoring team is engaged in identifying any gaps in any of the steps of our thorough recruitment processes. We refer to our existing network and receive immediate feedback on the availability of the required personnel. We ensure our database is consistently updated. In order to broaden our choice or to locate the best applicants to suit our client's precise specifications, we advertise in selected media specializing in recruitment opportunities. 

Oil and Gas Recruitment

SADIA HRC has become renowned for providing recruitment solutions throughout the Oil and Gas Industry. Our blue-chip client list includes major oil companies and we source candidates for vacancies within organizations such as Shell, BP, as well as major engineering contractors and suppliers such as Nexen, Technip, Fabricom, Wood Group PSN, and Talisman. With offices located in strategic locations across the globe, SADIA HRC is in an ideal position to service our client's requirements using local and international talent.

Hospitality services

SADIA Hospitality Services Job Opportunities and Careers

SADIA has a vibrant collection of one-of-a-kind hotels, apartments, restaurants, and entertainment. All that we offer is high-quality, impressive restoration, and personalized service. As a company, we care about our customers, guests, our community and our team members. Headquartered in UAE manages properties all over the Middle East. Our services range from restoring buildings to uniquely designed apartments, hotels, and restaurants. We have accounting, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management, Human Resources, Training, Project Construction Management, and Hotel Receivership as our services.

Training & Development

SADIA HR Consultancy: Training and development is a fundamental function of an organization. Arranging training programs for employees and enhancing their skills is the main motive behind these sessions. Human resource professionals have a vital role to play here. They are the people who schedule training hours, arrange experts and make a note that these sessions are helping the employees develop their additional skills. Now the first question which comes to our mind is;

The Hospital Executive division of Ascend HR Corp is an Executive Recruiting Firm specializing in the recruitment of executives, directors, healthcare, escrow/title, and oil/gas professionals, business development professionals, physicians and other clinicians for our clients. We also provide marketing services for our candidates and help them gain exposure to the types of positions they seek. We work with firms to help them find viable candidates for their positions.


Construction Civil Engineer

The mission of the Civil Engineering Department is to offer highly rewarding career-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs aligned with the needs of the United Arab Emirates and the region through excellence in teaching, student learning, faculty scholarship and engagement in community development. Programs offered by the department produce graduates who are well-rounded in mathematical, engineering, and scientific knowledge;

Ensuring that the public and tourists enjoy a world-class taxi service. Taxi drivers who are courteous and disciplined can become significant contributors to the tourism industry. “Excellent taxi service is not only because of the ‘beautiful’ vehicles. The drivers also need to be ‘beautiful’ in terms of behavior and character.“While driving the passengers, smile and be courteous taxi drivers. Say thank you for getting paid. These are the ingredients of good taxi drivers”  

Taxi Driver Services

We provide financial solutions for  BUSINESS, PERSONAL, HOME, VEHICLE, and BANKING Facilities from different banks 

Financial Consultancy

Is it really necessary to give training to the employees? And in which case, is it going to help the organization? The answer to these questions is YES, it is very important to train your employees at a certain period of time. Especially when new technology is introduced, then it becomes quite important to update the employees on how to use it. This will not only make the best use of the tools but will also help them polish their skills.

who have the ability to analyze, evaluate, and design civil engineering systems; who have the ability to communicate effectively; and who have acquired an understanding and appreciation for global and societal issues.

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